Oh Ess Ten – Why does the close button fail? – sometimes..

Oh Ess Ten – Why does the close button fail? – sometimes.

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Apple people OSX is not perfect. Macs are not perfect.

The Red “close” button fails. (Now, before you jump all over me, I know that on a Mac the red button is supposed to close a window, not an application. Thinking it should quit an application, is baggage that comes from the Windows world, not from the purity of Macdom. Just forget that. I’m talking about the red “close” button failing to close a window.) This usually occurs in Safari, but it happens in other applications as well. If you encounter this behavior often enough, you figure out that if you pick up the window and slide it around on the screen a bit, and then click the red button, it works! While you’re working, trying to close the window, just give it a shake. Do it often enough, and you’ll almost forget you are doing it. On a Mac! This is the kind of silly workaround you find yourself doing on Windows all the time, but on a Mac?? This should never happen at all. It’s some programmer’s idea of a joke. It’s bad system Feng Shui. The small things matter, and this is about as small and as annoying as it can get.

So I tracked it down.

Apple’s site had one or two posts on the topic: The solution is supposed to be: change the “double-click” setting in System Preferences to a faster speed. Obviously. You’d already guessed that, right?

Sure, give it a shot. Go right to System Preferences Accessibility> Mouse and Trackpad> Double-click Speed. Duh! (Why did I imagine it would be on the Trackpad setting??)


I made the change. I’ll try it out. Maybe I’ll even follow up this post with an update. But seriously, this should never happen. This goofy problem should never occur, and it shouldn’t require a treasure hunt in the catacombs of the System Preferences to apply a workaround.

You think that is an annoying ongoing unresolved issue with OSX? What about when I [Shift]+[click]+[click]+[click] in the Finder, to select multiple documents of course, and every 3rd click causes all the documents to open. Seriously.

This is TechWite, and we’ll get to the bottom of it. Eventually.

Thanks for stopping by!!



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