Updated Saturday, March 25, 2023

TechWite -News, opinion, commentary, and analysis about technology of interest to me. Maybe to you too. NJFG – Not just for Geeks. Sometimes I’ll provide tips and helpful information, but that is not the sole purpose of this site. It is an outlet for my thoughts, creativity, and occasionally insights into developments in the technology arena.

Dead Links: After decades sitting idle on the Internet, I have finally shut down the “Chris’s Unpredictable Mac” Web Site. Which means, until I fix that, all my links to that site in TechWite are dead. Sorry. I hope at some point to post all the old issues as PDFs. Stay tuned.

Twitter?—TechWite still Tweets now and then, but not much, mostly just to share info. I believe that the “corporate class clown”—I’m sure you know who I mean— has destroyed what was once a useful tool. So it goes with billionaire narcissists. The good thing, as I was thinking about switching to Mastodon, I turned off my personal Twitter account. I didn’t miss the “me too” commentary, nor the anger, the drama, the vitriol. You’ll notice I have removed “share” buttons for Twitter, as I did previously for FAKEbook. The “Recent Tweets” and maybe even Instagram will be gone soon. And I moved as much of my limited activity to LinkedIn as possible. It’s not exactly the same, thank goodness.

There’s a lot of important things to do in the world in the time we have left and just about none of it has to do with TikToks, or any other social media. Think before you click.

Note: Since 2016 TechWite has not been Tech-writing (much). Why not?

About the time I was grey-sourced from my corporate job, I realized that the beauty and hope and opportunity and creativity of the Internet and new Tech was devolving into something ugly. Anyone who reads could see where this was going.

  • Blatant greed of people and businesses – weekly or daily news of Facebook and Uber and Amazon (and all the other) deliberate assaults on privacy dressed up by self-absorbed egoistic and unenlightened selfish developers, entrepreneurs, founders, and geniuses promoting their “disruption”. They want your time, money, and personal information to enrich themselves. Perhaps they really believe they know how to make the world better, but sic semper tyrannis.
  • Pervasive hacking of every bank, corporation, institution, and government. You could see it before it was revealed and confirmed by Snowden. Before the Russians turned the elections of 2016, and before the “Great Hack” of Facebook by Cambridge Analytica.
  • If that wasn’t bad enough—we’ve also seen a more basic and personal assault on intelligent creativity in the decline of user interface design! After twenty or thirty years of progressive improvement—Microsoft, Google, and for God’s sake, even Apple, threw it all out! Sure, Jonny Ive, we have beautiful products, but they are NOT intuitive, easy, or simple. They are not elegant.

There’s still some good material in the TechWite blog, and some fun and interesting history, and potentially amusing commentary of questionable merit.

For 2023, I only want to Tech-write if I can keep it helpful and positive. No whining. (Nothing there yet..) 🤣 Mostly I spend my writing time here.

Caveat: Everything expressed in this blog, unless otherwise noted, is my own, and does not represent the thoughts, opinions, values, etc. of the companies, employers, or editors I have worked for, past, or present. Products, product names, logos, and so on are the property of their respective owners. Though not identified as such, there may be entries that are partially or entirely fictional, springing only from the wells of my imagination. Caveat lector. I may include links or in other ways monetize this site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Caveat emptor. WordPress may junk it up with its own advertisements. Caveat Inkernet.

Thanks for stopping by!!

P.S. Why the name? —Have you tried to find a “Tech” name of your own? I like the archaic meaning of “wite”. Look it up.

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