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Mail Keyboard Lag in Yosemite

Lag in Typing in Yosemite’s Mail w/ External Ap… | Apple Support Communities.


Mac people, we have an issue here. In Yosemite 10.10.1 (and earlier) there’s a problem with typing in the Mail application. If you are a SLOW typist you may never notice, but for the proverbial “rest of us”, this is a major annoyance. It’s like working on a slow Dell and waiting for the icon to highlight on the Windows desktop before you can rename or move it. If you expect a quick response from a computer and are impatient (my hand is up!), this kind of LAG will result in mistakes and irritation (more on that some other time…).

Composing a message in mail, typing fast, and watching the screen, you see your first few characters, maybe even words, and then? Nothing. There’s a rift in the time space continuum. I know I typed those characters. Didn’t I? Do I need to type them again? type them again?…okay, I guess not. I’ll just wait. Or maybe I’ll just paste my message into Mail after typing it in Word for Mac 2011? Right. “Word”, because the characters appear on the screen as I type them in a four year old program written by Microsoft. Apple folks, this is not Apple Quality. Maybe spend a little less time flattening the interface and a little more making sure the program functions as expected?

That’s all. If you experience this issue and want to encourage Our Friends at Apple to fix it, please send a bug report using Apple’s page. Although people love to rant on the Apple Discussions, Apple officially does not pay any attention to those. So file a bug report, folks. Please.